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and democrats appear to be far apart. the big sticking point is taxes. the president says any agreement must include revenue increases but republicans are fiercely opposed. >> to get a big package would require a big tax increases in the middle of an economic situation that's extraordinarily difficult with 9.2% unemployment. we think it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> if no deal is reached by august 2, the u.s. may not be able to borrow money to keep the government running and could default on its massive loans. >> if they don't act we face cats troverric damage to the american economy. >> some republicans favor cutting spending by $2 trillion. they use the obama administration of scare tactics claiming the u.s. has the money. it will not default and that there is no reason to panic. >> both sides are scheduled to meet again later today. >>> two years after being rescued from her kidnappers, jaycee dugard talks about her time in captivity in a television interview. >> her nightmare began in 1991 when she was snatched from a school bus stop by a couple at the age of eleven. she was h
are not keeping crowds from celebrating the holiday. thousands are joining in with big parades around the area. we're live in towson. >> reporter: a lot of people out here having a good time listening to the bands. it's quiet right now. bands have been coming through getting the crowd going with the patriotic music. a lot people started like up early this morning to get good seats. parades are happening in towns and cities across maryland today. for kids on the fourth of july, a parade ranks right up there with the fireworks. >> it means a lot to us. i'm in the air force, so it means quite bait to us to get to celebrate and spend time as a family. >> for adult, a day to celebrate the red, white and blue is more than just about counting their blessings. >> this is a day to appreciate what a tremendous blessing we have in this great country of ours and to appreciate the men and women who put on our uniform to defend our freedoms. >> it's a great day to be an american. >> a parade like this is not cheap to put on. this in towson costs in the range of $30,000. the good news is all of that paid for thr
of this big dome of high pressure. there's a dry slot sitting over our area. let's go to first warning doppler radar. it's clear right now. a little pop-up shower around little ray cabin. it's not impossible from baltimore on south with the higher dew points and more unstable air mass. we corks indeed, see a -- could, indeed, see a widely scattered shower, nothing severe, but we could be sitting here at 4:00 saying life is pretty good. big shot, we got the thunderstorm down here. it could be an area by area, mini region by mini region afternoon segmented forecast. we'll talk more about that coming up in our first warning weather segment. >>> baltimore city police are looking for a good few men and women this noon. the department is encouraging anyoned in becoming a police officer to take a free civil service test. applicants must be 21 with a valid driver's license. contact 1-877-pride pd. >>> the rangers steam rolled over them. game two is in arlington tonight. >>> still to come, wearlt rescue -- water rescue. firefighters brave waters to save dozens. >>> several people are injured on a ride?
up today on eyewitness news tonight. >>> the other big story, a 22- year-old city man is in custody and a woman and her baby have been released from the hospital after a carjacking. we're live where the story started. mike hellgren has information on the investigation. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: good afternoon, don and everyone. the mom had a bit of a cut on her head. she and her baby survived after jumping out of a moving car on the beltway. this is new video that wjz obtained of this man. he's under arrest for carjacking a lexus with a mom and baby inside. it happened last night. he took them on a terrifying ride. he stole the car in west baltimore. chase wound on to i-95 south and on to the beltway. white, who's from baltimore has a criminal record. he's found guilty in 2009 of marijuana position and march of this year, fined $160 for accessive speeding. during the chase, the lexus sideswiped a trooper. the trooper saw the door fly open. the mom is a 24-year-old, her baby is 20 months old. as the car sled on the beltway -- as the car slowed on the beltway, they both jumpe
to drop the humidity. that will make a big difference. you can at least go in the shade and get a little bit of relief. the front stays to the south. when this does, just off to our west there's a new round of heat getting underway. that will expand not north and east, so it's moving our way. as far as numbers go we did get into the 90s. it's starting to spread east still in the 90s for dallas. that air is coming our direction. so today we're going up to 94 degrees, scattered thunderstorms. if anything becomes strong or severe, we will pass that along. then tomorrow still very warm. we're still in the 90s. this is our relief, but we are going to be much less muggy than we have been. so we'll try and focus on that. >> yes. we'll think positively. wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on for instant updates and the updated forecast, please log,,,, >>> children with adhd and other developmental disabilities are at greater risk when crossing the street. the study revealed those more easily distracted are more likely to be hit by a car. it's recommended that children with adh
conditioning tests going on, not much more after that the big news very much wanted, marshal yanda was shuffled back and forth between guard and right tackle. he knocks people over, the ravens way. you have to know that ray rice is happy that yanda has agreed to terms and principle. ray is happy that he and other teammates are ready. >> our thing is to got back to the field. let's get a good work in. we are a workman's team. >> and relative to ravens or shall we say former ravens, dante stallworth who came and a project that didn't really work, is new a washington redskin. the first ravens practice is tomorrow, first full contact on saturday. a cut made official by 4 p.m. tomorrow. once again marshal yanda not official yet. >>> we'll bring you team updates and cuts no a teen in anne arundel county is behind bars for trying to kill his father. the teen stabbed his father with a knife after the two got into a fight. allen shank is charged with attempted murder. his father is now back home. >>> a 16-year-old girl is charged as an dolt in connection with the kidnapping of a baby by. police found 7-
temperatures and your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. >>> updating breaking news, rupert murdoch attacked during a phone hackle scandal hearing in the british parliament. a protester attacked murdoch as he was giving testimony to lawmakers, causing a scuffle and a suspended hearing. the man appeared to rush up behind murdoch and was struck by murdoch's wife. the man, who had white foam covering his face is now in custody. the hearing just resumed taft was suspended for 15 minutes. >> it appears the national football league will be open for business. the league looks to save the upcoming season. sources say team executives were to
the story closely and we'll have more tonight >>> the big story here today is the man hunt is continuing for a man involved in a bizarre kidnapping on monday night in west baltimore. mike hellgren is outside of city police head quarters. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone. the police gleaned the intelligence after taking another man into custody. he's charged with kidnapping and assault and extortion. they hope he'll provide the information to catch his cohort. >> reporter: a man hunt is underway for this 21-year-old. he was part of the plot to kidnap this 8-year-old. the little boy was grabbed in west baltimore and flown -- and thrown into a truck of a car. a woman found him nearby hours later. it was something to see them catch them. it touched me. knowing that little boy was safe and back with his family. >> reporter: taylor had an accomplice, booker. his address is listed as a few doors down from where the 8- year-old lives. >> we don't think they picked him off of the streets and somehow contacted his family. >> do you know why someone would want to do that? >> no, we are just ha
said we have a fine day shaping up. we'll have a fine evening shaping up. that's a big deal. the baltimore orioles are in town playing the indians. the heros of america's great north coast. the game thyme, 7:05. we'll start the work with the orioles this week on the family food drive. it's a very, very important event to us. we want you to come out. you couldn't ask for a finer night of a baseball game. ernie banks would say, we have the teams and the balls and bats, let's play! tim williams has the details, coming up shortly. now, throwing it back inside. >>> wjz and masn are teaming up to feed the hungry and homeless. brink -- bring along nonperishable food items for the oriole food drive. wjz staffers will be collecting the donations at the gate. tonight, it's moe, andrea and ron. sunday, it's denise, mary, jessica and stan and mike hellgren. that's part of the continuing communitiy commitment. thank you very much. >>> still to come at noon. a run in near a runway. how the jets collided. >>> play ball! lawmakers take the debt battle to the baseball field? >>> and take ano
is,,,,,, mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. >>> bob is out back with the five-day. there is robert. >> all right. look at these numbers, will you? >> 103. that will break a record tomorrow. 100 on sunday. sunday 96. and the next three or four days take it easy. >> nice night to stay inside the air conditioning. at 10:00 it's the "the mentalist" followed by eyewitness news at 11. >>> thousands of die-hard comic book fans are flocking to san diego. the four-day event brings in fans from all over the world and features movie viewings, talk with artists and give them a glimpse at games. if you can't make it to san diego, baltimore has it's own comicon at the convention cente
that happened right after baltimore city's big fourth of july celebration, at this hour there have not been any arrests. we're live outside police headquarters. mike hellgren has the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. the person who was murdered, joseph calo, has a one-year-old daughter and was visiting her shortly before he was stabbed. the 4-year-old victim is continuing to be treated at this hour. the four-year-old is now walking after being shot in the leg at light and pratt streets at the inner harbor to watch the fireworks. his shooting was one of several violent incidents that unfolded during and after the fourth of july celebration despite a beefed-up police presence. >> just an inch more and it would have hit the main artery. all he's saying is, mommy, i got shot. a bad guy shot me. i cannot believe i got shot. >> reporter: police believe a stray bullet hit him and have no suspects. >> we had incredible deployments down there and literally feet away from where this incident occurred. >> i'm angry that some idiot just didn't have the brains or the common knowledge around children at a
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. >> reporter: happy new month to you all. there's a big dome of high pressure giving it this bermuda high. it's slipping from the northwest and out of the south east. where's the air coming from. it's wrapping around the high. that will expand the heat in the south. that's up towards the 95 corridor. as a matter of fact, the graphic says blazing hot saturday. we're going to take the temperatures into the low 90s, but let's throw the heat index down. we'll get a buildup of humidity with the heat. we're up the 95 corridor looking at maryland. we're getting back to it. to be honest about the deal, it's the refugee weekend -- 4th of july weekend. if you want a weekend to feel like summer, it's this one. we're getting the wish. tim williams has the details coming up shortly. now, back inside. >>> marty, thank you. it was a night to forget for the orioles, especially for brian matusz. they had a horrible start. he gave up 8 runs and 9 hits. the cardinals won and swept the series. after the game, he was demoted to the minor leagues. now, it's on to atlanta. you'll see both games this weekend saturda
, number 88 was the first president of the nfl's association ushering in free agency and big money contracts. he was elected to the hall of fame in 1992. he suffered from frontal temporal dementia. john mackey, a legend, was 69 years old. back to you. >> the ravens owner released a statement offering condolences and we'll have more coming up at 4, 5 and 6. >>> despite searching through the night police still have not found the man armed with a gun and hammer who attacked a speed camera. it happened on the bw parkway yesterday. >> reporter: police have searched the woods and looked at surveillance video. there was a contractor inside the vehicle. that person is shaken but okay. police are still searching this hour for the man who attacked a speed camera mounted on this jeep on the baltimore washington parkway. the unknown man confronted the speed camera suv while a contractor was inside. >> the individual went to the rear window of the jeep and began topping on the rear window with a shotgun. the witness was obviously frightened at that point, began blowing his horn. the individual
. but that big dynamic that hit us in the evening yesterday may not be starting to square itself away and the storm prediction center actually this morning was talking about that dynamic should happen farther south and east. maybe a thunder shower pops up later today and maybe a thundershower pops up later tomorrow then it's nothing but good news. bernadette woods with those details coming up shortly. now let's throw it back inside. >> our first warning weather coverage continues with adam may working outside with the precautions you should be taking today. >> good afternoon. the heat will crank up today. it's warm out here right now. not unbearable yet. health officials are urging people to take precautions. on some people you see the sweat. >> it's hot. >> on others, it's not so obvious. >> our butts are sweating. >> it's like sticky out. >> the dog days of summer are in full swing and local er doctors know how dangerous this weather can be. >> we are seeing one patient right now with heat exposure. >> last year the heat killed 32 people in maryland and already this summer four peop
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15